Why Serogen Used Daily is So Important

All Natural, Safe & Effective

Serogen’s active ingredient is Cernate, Somalab’s own proprietary blend of selected “defined” pollen and is an improvement on Cernitin, the generic Swedish blend of rye based flower pollen.

This continued-use extract was used regularly by a generation of Swedish men to enhance sexual capacity as well as fortify the seminal vesicles, providing a source of energy and strengthening spermatic motility.

Made of natural, pure botanical seed extract, Serogen is harvested from inside the seed husk, stripped of all allergens, is toxin-free, and is proven to be safe and effective.

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Changes in the human body's organs, tissues & cells

Using Serogen twice a day to ward off cell-destroying damaging toxins.

All cells that make up the organs & surrounding connective tissue in the male reproductive system begin to atrophy at age 30.

Aging, coupled with environmental toxins, damage these cells, allowing free radicals to overwhelm the body's ability to regulate them.

Free radicals thus adversely alter lipids, proteins, and DNA and can trigger various human diseases.

  • Stimulates Testosterone

    Serogen stimulates testosterone production and male reproductive cells while strengthening the vas deferens muscles, allowing for a more robust and intense sexual release.

  • Reduces Prostate Inflammation

    Serogen also helps contract the prostate gland and preserve it at an optimal size, reducing age-related enlarging and inflammation.

  • Performance Specific Targeting

    The prostate and surrounding reproductive mechanisms are targeted, restoring potency and vigor, improving and rebuilding power, strength and libido.

Benefits of a Healthy Prostate

A healthy prostate in adult men weighs about 30-35 grams; an enlarged prostate in aging men can weigh 100 grams or more.

A healthy prostate provides:

• A vigorous and energetic increase in all sexual function

• A stronger urine stream and full bladder void

• Faster recovery times between sexual release


Ready for a more fulfilling sex life?

Strengthen your prostate and its vital reproductive components today.

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